Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Road From New Dock

As I mentioned in an earlier post the National Park Service and Seattle City Light is doing a tremendous job on punching in a new road/trail that each of you will use when you come to Ross Lake Resort via the Seattle City Light tour boat.

Final details have not been completed but the new dock will be further west of the damaged dock and a new spur road is being built above up road from the tunnel that we all would ride through after loading the truck with guests and luggage.

Note: The tunnel was not covered in the rock slide - but it is very close to the edge of it and with all of the construction work, including blasting down loose or potentially dangerous portions of the cliff above the rockslide, it is not available for passage by the public.

Here are some of the images from today.

photos ©Paul K Anderson

Top of new spur road from a short distance above the tunnel looking down Diablo Lake towards the west.

Some of the equipment used to establish the foundation/base of the new road/trail

Not too far from the new location of the new dock.

The boat dock unload area for guests.

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