Thursday, May 27, 2010

When Blue Boats Retire

So I know you have been wondering, "what happens to the legendary, handcrafted, Ross Lake Resort Blue Boats when they retire?"

Well, if you are a good, hard working, trustworthy, loyal, friendly, courteous boat like hull number 78, you are selected to join the working staff and spend many graceful years moving cabins, delivering firewood, shuttling back and forth between the various shops and serving the community of Ross Lake Resort with style and dignity.

Legendary hull #78 with Adam Bloom at the helm.


If you are shifty, fast, always looking for a party, never checking in with the office until the wee hours, always looking for a wake to jump or a doughnut to perform - there may be only a dismal and glum future for you!

Like hull number ............. 101!

Hull # 101 - the Hunter S. Thompson of hulls! 
Notice that diabolical, grinning, pumpkin
 in the background! What stories is it holding back?

What path will you follow young hulls?

The choice is yours!

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